Taking a Career Break

Dispelling the myths of a career break


Around 100K people in the UK take career breaks every year. They do this for a variety of reasons – not just to travel or have children. People take a break to study, to do voluntary work, to care for a loved one, or because they’ve been made redundant.

If you’re considering a career break, you’ll have a lot of questions: can I afford it? Will my employer accept it? Will it affect my career? We can dispel some of the myths and help you make an informed choice. And if you choose to go ahead, or you’re already on a break, we can support you in a wide variety of ways.

Taking a Career Break

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What constitutes a career break? What do you need to consider? How do you tell your employer? What benefits could you be entitled to? You’ll find all the answers in our resource library below.

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CABA’s career development support has helped hundreds of people get back into work, progress their career, start their own business, improve their work life blend and more.

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Sometimes a career break can impact other areas of your life. Whatever happens, the chances are we can help – supporting your wellbeing and guiding you through the opportunities and challenges your career break may present.

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