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Whether you’ve got your sights set on promotion or you simply want to improve your productivity and effectiveness, move your career forward with a little help from CABA. Read more about our support and how it helped other chartered accountants or their families achieve their career goal.

Real Stories

Martin's story

'Working with a coach helped me to take stock of my skills and crystallise what I wanted to do, and to gain the confidence to sell my skills.'

Read Martin's Story
Martin's Story

Julia's story

'As people prepare to return to work after a career break, my advice would be not to spend too long contemplating about what to do, but to be bold and get the process going.'

Read Julia's Story
Julia's Story

Emily's story

'For me, the main thing I took from the coaching was the space to think strategically about my position and what I wanted to achieve. I felt my coach really cared about me achieving the right outcome and was keen to support me.'

Read Emily's Story
Emily's Story

Robert's story

'Not only did CABA courses change my attitude to my work, they genuinely made me feel better about my life too.

I would say about half the chartered accountants in my firm have been on at least one CABA course. The value is plain to see.'

Read Robert's Story
Robert's Story

Melody's story

'I believe in providing staff with the right support and with CABA’s services we’re creating an environment where everyone can achieve their best and enjoy their work.'

Read Melody's Story
Melody's Story

Antigone's story

'I loved that CABA is interested in supporting clients in a very tailored way. A long term career break is very different to a couple of years out of the work place. They helped me find what worked for me.'

Read Antigone's Story
Antigone's Story

Maria's story

'Moving countries and starting again can be quite unsettling. It was good to feel I had a structure, and that CABA were behind me.'

Read Maria's Story
Maria's Story

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If you’re at risk of redundancy, have just become unemployed, or have been unemployed for some time, other areas of your life could fall out of balance. We offer a wide range of services to help you find your equilibrium - so you can approach your job search with confidence.

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